Dawsongroup Vans is Building EV Charging Infrastructure

Dawsongroup Vans has installed EV points at all of its sites in a move to ensure that its electric fleet is always fully charged and ready for collection or delivery to customers.

With the government’s deadlines of 2030 and 2035 to end the sale of new petrol or diesel vehicles, Dawsongroup Vans are making the move to put themselves in a strong position for the future. This kind of forward-looking strategy has benefitted Dawsongroup over the years, and with the new EV chargepoints installed, the company is in good shape.

“With light commercial vehicles, you need to have charging infrastructure in place where the vehicle is stored overnight, so it’s ready to operate the next day. If you’ve got the charging in place, and you’ve thought it through, electric vehicles can and will in the future operate better than a diesel vehicle would,” said Simon Ridley, Managing Director.

The right supplier was essential to install the network of charging points, and Dawsongroup vans turned to award-winning charging company Elmtronics for a solution.

“We had a clear picture of what we wanted to achieve across our entire network, and also what we wanted to avoid,” said Simon Ridley. “Reliability is absolutely key when you’re moving to an electric fleet, and the difference between Elmtronics and other suppliers we’ve worked with is that Elmtronics have provided us with the ongoing support we need. They’re fantastic people to work with and they do what they say they’ll do.”

To take advantage of the new EV chargepoints, Dawsongroup Vans is steadily building a fleet of electric vans, including Vauxhall Vivaro-e and Mercedes eSpeinter, but the chargers themselves are designed to accommodate a range of electric vehicles.

Visit the Dawsongroup Vans website to find out more.