Dawsongroup Vans Go Digital

Back in August, Dawsongroup Vans launched their new Vehicle Inspection application with some fanfare.

The app takes over from the old paper system that involved a few documents, such as check sheets and rental agreements.

Instead, the Vehicle Inspection app would make this process completely digital. This new handover system records all relevant data onto the app, such as fuel, mileage, any damage or missing equipment, and stores it in a central location. Being digital, it also allows images to be added to the report.

Since then, the app has been an unqualified success. Drivers and customers alike much prefer the system over the old paper one, and we’ve had some great feedback on the new process.

When the app was introduced, there were a lot of COVID restrictions, making training drivers on the system challenging. Despite this, the team were able to deliver training and demonstrations across the DG Vans network within a three-week period. Social distancing measures and safety rules were maintained during the training, and this has allowed us to develop some strong training methods that can be used in restrictive situations.

James Fitzpatrick, Head of Operations, commended the teams at the time. “The VI app has been well received by our colleagues in the network who have put a lot of work into adapting to this change under difficult circumstances. Our customers have been positive about the change, in particular, appreciating the introduction of imagery on the check sheets and the environmental impact of emailed documentation.”

Going forward, the Vehicle Inspection app is expected to be central to the way Dawsongroup Vans work. It has already streamlined our delivery and collection processes, and we hope to see similar improvements to our workflows in the future.